Facebook Account Recovery | How to Recover Facebook Account

In the digital world, Facebook is one of the most widely used social networking website which helps you to get connected with your friends & family. Along with its popularity, it is a website where user can access various other interesting and social features in the account. But when a situation arises that is unable to access Facebook Account then life becomes so irritating feels communication is blocked.

Seeking the ways to overcome this trouble, we are here to help you in resolving your issues.

Ways to Facebook Account Recovery

  1. You can recover your account via Facebook Sign In Page
  2. First of all, go to your Security and login.
  3. Then scroll down to ‘Recover External Accounts’ and hit ‘Edit’.
  4. Next, click on ‘the key for your account that you wish to.
  5. Finally, click on ‘Recover Account’, after completion of security checks then you’ll be taken back to another website.

In case you forget the username then follow these steps to recover Facebook Account if forgot username:

Friends, try this ‘Identifying Login Email and Resetting Your Password’

You have to navigate Facebook and click on ‘Forgot Password’.

  • Then enter your email address, phone number, username or name into the appropriate fields and hit ‘Search’
  • Now, verify that the email address displayed with your account is one that you have access to.

Now, how to recover Facebook Account if forgot the password is a bit tricky but possible

  • Firstly, visit the Facebook page
  • Then click ‘Forgot Password’ which is located below the password box.
  • Next, you can find your account via entering your email/phone number and click ‘Search’.
  • Now select the mode for getting verification and click ‘Continue’.
  • You have to wait for a few seconds and you’ll receive your code in your phone or mail.
  • Now, enter your code and click ‘Continue’.
  • Finally, enter a new password and click ‘Continue’.

Often, the most common type of hacking is done by changing the password of the account so that the original user cannot access it. Although, recovering such an account is relatively easier. You need to follow these steps for doing this. In case only the password has changed and yet you have access to linked of account then you have followed those steps given above when you have to recover Facebook Account if forgot the password.

  • You should be aware that Facebook will lead you to another page and will ask you to enter either your username, email address or the phone number.
  • Next, view your specific profile enter either the email address or mobile number and click on ‘Continue’.
  • Now, a recovery code will be sent to your desired recovery option and enter that code and click continue.
  • Finally, set your new password and your account will be ready to use again.

If no access to email:

In case if the hacker has gone a little further with hacking your account, and your associated email cannot be accessed then you must take the following steps to recover it.

  • Firstly, Click on forgot password option.
  • Then let Facebook search your profile by filling your username or email address
  • Next, once you have been located by Facebook, click on your profile, a dialogue box will open to reset your password.
  • Now, hit on ‘no longer has access to these’ as you do not have access to your associated email address.
  • Further, extended recovery options will be given and it depends on the age of the Facebook account. However, old Facebook accounts have the option of Security question to recover their account.
  • And, new Facebook users can use the option of ‘trusted contact’ for regaining access to their account.
  • Next, for doing so, enter the email address you have access to, and click on reveal my trusted contacts and enter the name of one of them. Although, Facebook will provide a link that only your trusted contact can access. Ask them to click on the link and get the security code for you.
  • Now, enter the security code to recover your account.

And how to recover Facebook deleted Account

  • Go to the official website of Facebook.
  • Enter in the email address and password of a deleted account.
  • Now click ‘login’, but if your Facebook account hasn't been completely deleted, then it will be restored.  Otherwise, if it has been completely deleted, you will not be able to recover your account.

Final thought how to secure your Facebook account

First thing secures your password, use additional security measures, don’t share your password and protect your account by log -out every time when you are using the computer