Google Account Recovery - How to Recover Google Account Password

Google Account Recovery - You can recover your account with the help of your information i.e. alternate email address, phone number, security questions, and account creation date.

How To Recover Google Account If Forgot Email Address:

There are many the counter process to recover google account if forgot email address. Sometimes it has been observed that there are many people who still remember their account password but forgets their email address. There are millions of people who face some trouble and they get annoyed due to not getting the proper solution. Google account helper is always in your service just try it once. Forgetting email address is very obvious and google has provided the specific procedure in order to recover google account in the same scenario. The process is given as follow:

  • First of all, go to the official web portal of Google account.
  • Go to the login page where you will find many options but since you have forgotten your email address even thus click on the forgot email option.
  • Enter your first name and last name for the verification primarily.
  • Now the automatic generated artificial intelligence will ask you to enter the mobile number that you have registered with the account.
  • Now enter the security code that you must have been received on your registered email address.
  • Now the Google will show you your account registered from your mobile number.

Recover Google Account If Forgot The Password:

Not the developing the industry of information technology is providing many feature and services free of cost. In the same row, there are many email service providing companies who provides the email service free of cost. Which influence the users to keep many email account and that leads to forgetting the password. Forgetting password is today’s most common issues among the people. Therefore it is always recommended to enter the password that should be strong enough and easy to remember. In order to get your account back in the case, you have forgotten your password just try the below steps.

  • It is assumed that you must be on the login page of the email account.
  • Now you have to tap on forgot password option.
  • There are many ways after this to regain your account.
  • Enter the alternate email address that is associated with Gmail while making the account.
  • Click on proceed option after filling the email address.
  • Go and check your that email you must have got the link in the mail.
  • Click on the link and you will be redirected to the password reset page.
  • It is a good practice if you copy the link and open it on the URL separately.
  • Now enter the new password and also repeat it by entering once more.
  • Click on ok button and you have successfully recovered your google account.

The process to be followed in order to recover Google account if the account was hacked:

In case a user finds some changes that occur in his or her Google account and that is not in the knowledge of the owner then believe that the matter is serious. Cybercrime and account hack is being very common now a day. You could also be targeted. Thus in any such kind of conflicts, you just contact the google support team or just change your email account password as soon as possible. Follow the steps provided.

  • First of all, go to the official Google mail website which is obviously easily available.
  • Now tap on login option and enter your email address and password and enter.
  • Now you have logged in into your account.
  • Just go to the account setting that would be on the top right side like a geared icon.
  • Look into the privacy option there and click on it.
  • On the left menu bar you will see the option Change Password, just click on it.
  • Enter the old password once and then enter the new password.
  • Make sure the password should not be matching any password entered before.
  • Click on the Save Changes option and you are done.

Recover Deleted Google Account just in a couple of minutes:

  • First of all, users are required to go to the google account recovery portal.
  • If you have remembered the email address that you have deleted and now want to recover then enter the email address.
  • Next part of account recovers after deletion is questions and answers.
  • You will be asked a few questions related to you only.
  • Just try to give the best answers that you can.
  • Now if they all the answers match and correct then your account will be recovered after deletion.
  • The other the thing you can face that you can get secure code sent from google to your registered phone number.
  • Just enter the secure code and proceed.

Million-dollar tips, how To Secure Your Google Account:

Securing google account before it gets hacked is a good practice. For the corporate world, it is highly recommended to secure your account fully. Some people are very casual in term of their account. Even they do not log out when they are done with work. However, in all the cases, no doubt that Google Account Recovery is possible easily via the support system but the user should also be careful.

  • You need to reset your password time to time approx after six months.
  • While resetting the password you have to make sure that the length and strength of the password should be proper.
  • Enter an alphanumeric keyword and special characters too in your password.
  • It should always be noted in the mind that if the task has been over then you have to do log out.

Keep update the Account Information

Recovery process like a mobile phone number where you receive the verification & security code via SMS, and recovery email address likewise mobile number your recovery email where Google will send emails to recover Google account.

Now, here is an alternative email address that is the second address where you can log in to your Google Account.

Or you can use 2-step verification; it is the best method for protecting your account. When you sign-in from another or maybe unreliable device then you will be prompted not only for unique 6- digit code but your password too. The unique code is unique for your device and In case another person is using your password, not to worry that person failed to log-in without this code.

Recover Disabled Google Account due to Suspicious Activity

Google disables a Gmail or Google account that violates the requisite policies and norms. If your account is disabled you will receive a message mentioned: “Google Accounts are disabled because Google detects a policy violation”. And account holder will be further redirected to an account disable page to know about which policies have been violated.

Now the question arises what are the common reasons due to which accounts are disabled? Let’s check out the reasons.

Policies due to which accounts are disabled:

  1. Malware, phishing, and other harmful activities: Google prohibits its users to promote any kind of unwanted or malicious piece of code or software. Stealing someone’s information or intruding their resources, harming Google’s networks, servers or any system can lead to disabling your account.
  2. Account hacking or hijacking: Without someone's prior consent don’t sign in or use another person’s account.
  3. Use of multiple accounts for abuse: Don’t access or create multiple accounts to break Google policies. If you have multiple accounts as personal and work accounts that is acceptable. But using bots or programs to create fake accounts is not acceptable.
  4. Spamming: Google strictly resists sending an unwanted content called spam to anyone. Avoid sharing any unsought promotional or commercial content. As well as don’t send these content to people you are not familiar with or many people at the same time.
  5. Child Exploitation: Google doesn’t promote any platform that expresses child abuses or exploitation.
  6. Creating a false identity to deceive people: Google doesn’t support any institution that frauds people using social engineering.
  7. High call volumes: Avoid using Google services for sending a large number of telephonic calls to telephone exchange for financial gain.
  8. Automatic calls or messages: Google doesn’t allow accessing their services for robotic calls and messages.
  9. Breaking product policies: Google has its own code of conduct. Violating these policies may stop the person for further access.

Request Google to access your disable Google account:

Follow the given below steps to request for further reactivation of your disabled account. And by submitting this request you accept that you own this account and agree to let Google review your account and its content to evaluate the request.

  • Visit your Google Account in your browser.
  • Click on Try to restore Google Account
  • Follow the given instructions

If you are facing issues with the above steps, fill out the form given below. After submitting the form, your request will be reviewed and notified later in upcoming 2 days whether your account has been restored or not.

Google monitors the request to provide further access. In extreme conditions request of access is denied