Microsoft Account Login Password Not Working

Microsoft Account Login Password Not Working, how to Fix?

Are you dealing with natural circumstances with Microsoft? Well, the situation can be either related to password or account login or maybe other. A comfort zone must always walk along whenever you face one of the problems. We can consider this as a solution. At the time of logging in into the Microsoft account, many tough situations may gather in terms. However, in case, your Microsoft account login password is not working then you can opt for one of the framed functionalities which are going to be discussed further.

  • When you are unable to sign in with Microsoft account Windows 10 – In case you are unable to log in with Microsoft account to Windows 10, make sure to investigate your password. In accordance with that, you might require checking if you are able to log in to other Microsoft services. If this doesn’t respond, it means that your account might be hacked by someone.
  • Windows 10 does not allow signing in my Microsoft account, computer – This is another regular problem with Windows 10. We have covered a similar problem in can’t log in to Windows 10 solution, so be sure to check it out for more solutions.
  • Windows 10 is not signing in into the account – Many users have complained about this glitch with Windows 10. Thus, you may be able to fix that problem using one of our solutions.

The Solution of Microsoft account login password not working on its peak

Step 1: Remove the Antivirus:

  • Moving forward with the users, in case you cannot log in with Microsoft account, the interruption can be your antivirus. Antivirus can get in touch with your operating system and secure you from logging in with a Microsoft account.
  • To solve this problem, it is advised to wipe out your antivirus and examine once if that fixes the problem.
  • Many users have complained that Avast was the cause of this problem, but after removing it, the issue was resolved. Instead of Avast, other antivirus tools can hamper this issue as well, so make sure to delete them.
  • To be sure that your antivirus has completely vanished, you might require using a dedicated uninstaller. However, the entire antivirus organizations serve these tools for their products, so make sure to download one for the antivirus.

Step 2: You might require changing the group policy:

  • Open the search bar and enter group policy then move to edit group policies
  • Locate the mentioned path

Computer Configuration \Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options\Windows Settings\ Accounts: Block Microsoft Accounts

Step 3: Find Accounts:

You may require blocking all the accounts, just right-click on it and move to properties.

Step 4: Just beside the drop-down menu choose “this policy is disabled”. Hit on apply and save the entire changes by hitting on OK.

Step 5: The above-mentioned solution is covered whenever your Microsoft account gets blocked.  

To Login with the recovery option, you can follow these instructions carefully,

  1. Configure the type of email you are using for the Microsoft account 
  2. Move to the Microsoft account recovery page in any of the desired browsers or else, it can be a smartphone.
  3. Select “I forgot my password” from the listed option and then hit on next.
  4. In the very first field provided you may require entering the email address associated with your Microsoft account. In case you carry your phone number linked with the account or else may utilize Skype ID for verification.
  5. Moving forward, in the next section type the text you see in the box just for security reasons.
  6. Completing this screen, step ahead to select one of the emails. Once you have planned to select the option, you can now get the verification code on the applied term to receive.
  7. In case you go for the text option, you may receive a verification code which is to be entered in the field.
  8. Once you have fulfilled the criteria, Hit on continue and enter the new password.
  9. Reenter the password for confirmation.
  10. After this, try to login, again and again, your Microsoft profile back.