How to reset HP Laptop login password

I’m stuck on the login; my friend reset my password to my Laptop to stop children get access to personal photographs. But want to see those valuable pictures, Oh my God! I forget the password.

Here are a few steps to overcome this common human error that is forgetting passwords.

Ways to how to reset HP Laptop login password:


Way 1 - Reset Login Password of HP Laptop

  • Firstly, open your HP Laptop using a password reset disk
  • You have to insert the password reset disk on your HP laptop.
  • Next, turn on it and start it to login screen
  • There is a password the text box on the screen so enter an incorrect password, then press ‘Enter’.
  • As you enter then you receive a pop-up message which is telling you the password is incorrect.
  • Now you find a link that is ‘Reset Password’ and you’ve to click on it.

Way 2 - Unlock HP Laptop with the installation disk

  1. When you find that the Windows installing screen appears then you’ve pressed ‘Shift+F10’
  2. This pressing leads to prompts the screen.

Way 3 - Restore your HP Laptop to factory settings

  1. You’ve to backup any data that you want to keep.
  2. Next, restart or power on your laptop.
  3. Be quick to press ‘F11’, repeatedly.
  4. Now, click ‘Advanced Options’
  5. After this click ‘Troubleshoot’.
  6. Then you find Reset so click on it.
  7. Next step is removing all so clicks ‘Remove Everything’.
  8. Your HP Laptop ready to sign-in so click ‘All Drives’.

If want to get additional support you can take help from HP Support Community Page, they will guide in a possible way.