How to unlock android phone without Google account

Are you looking for solutions regarding this very issue? Then you have landed up at the right platform. Not able to unlock the lock screen of your android device is actually very disappointing. We are going to share a complete guide to unlock your android phone without Google account.

Do read and follow all the instructions carefully till the end.

Methods to unlock android phone without Google account

1. Using iSkysoft Toolbox:

This is the best solution to unlock your android phone without Google account in a few seconds. It comes under most superior alternatives as it guarantees no data loss during the entire process.

Apart from this iSkysoft Toolbox is synchronized with android phone and promotes complete user privacy and authenticity.

So follow the given below steps.

Launch iSkysoft Toolbox:      

  1. Download and install the software on your computer.
  2. Launch it and select on “Unlock” option.
  3. Enable “USB Debugging” in your android phone and connect it with a computer via USB cord.
  4. You will get a prompt of confirmation message, click on the start tab to begin the process.

Download Matching Recovery Process:

Enter the download mode for downloading the right recovery package. Follow these steps for entering mode:

  • Power off your android phone.
  • Further, push and hold ‘Home’, ‘Volume Down’, ‘Power’ buttons simultaneously.
  • Now tap on ‘Volume Up’ to enter the mode.

After entering, tap on start tab on the computer screen and the software will receive an accurate recovery package for the device.

2.  Disable Pattern Lock via ADB:

This method requires some technical skills along with involves a little bit of coding to disable the pattern in your android phone. You must have “USB Debugging” option enabled in your device.

As well as you should have appropriate consent to the computer you are going to connect it via ADB.

Well, this method has a lot of requisites but once you meet them, this is going to be best option than factory reset.

  • Connect your computer with an android device using a USB cable.
  • Now press “Windows button” + “R” together, you will get an alert on your screen.
  • Enter cmd in the text field. Tap on OK and a “Command prompt“pops up on computer screen.
  • Punch in the command exactly according to it.
  • Now reboot your device. Thus your device has no access to any kind of lock.
  • As this method is temporary, so don’t forget to set up a new pattern or password before rebooting your device again. 

3.  Factory Reset:

I would suggest you follow this method only none of the above method works. Because it wipes all your settings and data stored on your device. And turns your phone into factory mode. So below are the steps given for this method:

  • Power off your device and remove SD card in case you have.
  • Put your device into recovery mode by pressing power and volume button simultaneously.
  • Tap on Restore Factory defaults.
  • Now choose Yes tab to clear data.

Always try to have this method in the last option.

Well, I hope this article helps to solve your issue and works for you